I was infatuated when I first heard Gigi Leung's "Sometimes" over 93.3, a local Singaporean radio station in 1998. Never before had I heard a voice that is so warm and touching. Although the singing may not be exactly the best, but it really melts my heart.

This is the girl whom I knew is a perfect idol. In April 1999 when I obtained my Internet access, I knew I must do a site for her. However, being a perfectionist, I realise that I need to be proficient in HTML before I start on a site for her. I did a normal homepage titled ~ The Twilight Zone and then subsequently a number of sites where I practise my skills. Till now, I must admit that I am still terrible in HTML and graphics design but I have to continue with this site before the major O' Level Examinations come. And here it is ~ Infatuation - A Site For Gigi Leung.

You may ask,"What's so good about Gigi?" Well, the answer is everything. Her voice is very natural, no artificial flavourings. She is resplendent even without thick makeup and designers' clothing. To tell the truth, not many artists can survive without these apparels in the entertainment circle. Gigi is also a wonderful actress. I enjoy watching her movies. I don't know why but it seems that she is competent in whatever role she takes.

Even when her career was greatly threatened by the media revealing her relationship with Ekin Cheng in 1999, I still supported her. She dared to love. Besides, no one can control their own feelings toward others. Here, I would like salute Gigi for her courage to brave the storms to be with her loved one.

Coming back to this site... Infatuation began its operations officially on 3 March 2000. This site is hosted on Tripod (http://glwk.tripod.com) and the redirection URL is - http://gigileung.cjb.net or http://beam.to/gigileung. I make use of cascading style sheets, HTML, DHTML as the main language to write my pages. Enough of the technical stuff. In case you did not notice (well, you should...) the entire site is primarily in English. I find it easier technically to do an English site and of course, I also wish to provide a site for English speaking fans.

I hope you have learnt more about my experience with Gigi. To know more about me, you may visit my Breathing Space.