Released: 2000

Enchanted I was by the entire album. Gigi sang a lot of songs by other artists in this concert. This includes Karen Mok's "Gloomy Day", Faye Wong's "Lost" and songs by male singers plus a medley of Sandy Lam's songs as Sandy is her idol. Other than that, she sang an oldie of Chen Baiqiang - "A Few Minutes Of Rendezvous". I feel that this song was really the warm and romantic even as an old song. Gigi injects new life to it as she sang. The lyrics go something like meeting a person everyday on the train and the sweetness of love as they began to know each other. "Rainy Day" which she sang as a duet with Snowman was also a very nice track. A mixture of Cantonese and Chinese songs plus Gigi's unique style of taking on the songs of other singers is the main attraction of this album. Of course, this would also be a good buy for fans whom were not able to attend the concert and fans who went to the concert and wish to have it as a souvenier. <reviewed by Hui>