Released: 1999

I must say that the booklet version for this CD which I bought is really attractive! There are many pictures inside of Gigi in lovely greenery of the rural scenery. The album was very well designed I must say ~ The songs in the album I must say are not as good as her previous chinese albums. They are a bit too commercialised and some songs are not really very suitable for Gigi to sing. The best songs in the whole album in all are perhaps "Fresh", "I Like Him" and "The Lonely Condominium". "Fresh" is the commercial theme song for some fruits advertisement while "I Like Him" is the chinese theme song for the movie "Runaway Bride". The Cantonese version comes with 2 more tracks - that is "Breathe and Fly" and "Wish", a duet with Leo Ku. These are the songs that are really worth it but too bad I could not get it. "Breathe and Fly" is the theme song for the Hongkong MTR. In fact, the music video was being played in all MTR stations since August 1999! How lucky for fans in Hongkong indeed! "Wish" is my personal favourite too. The music video is especially inspirational with Gigi and Leo Ku standing beside a mega-card. It really is a romantic song. <reviewed by Hui>