Released: 2000

Honestly, I think that this album is a lot better than the previous "Fresh". Indeed, one sees great improvement in Gigi's singing and also uniqueness in taking on certain songs. I would like to recommend the songs "Most Beautiful", "Cover Girl", "Deadline", "Good Or Not?", "Good Time" and "Can't Help It". Well, that is half of the album of 10 songs! In case you do not know, "Deadline" is the cantonese version of Natasha, Na Ying's "All But A Dream". Gigi sang this song with so much of her own style that made it very different from Na Ying's version. "Cover Girl" is a very "healthy" track. Read the lyrics carefully! Of course, being a Cover Girl does not mean that one has to be anorexic. I love especially "Can't Help It". Such a wonderful ballad. Feels so moved by it when I first heard it.

Compared to "Fresh", the overall design of this album is not as good. Especially the back cover design of the CD where the tracks are listed in bright red and bold large fonts. The arrangement is terrible too! Not forgetting how messy the lyrics are arranged! That is the major flaw in the album. Nevertheless, whether the songs are good is the most important. Design is secondary. <reviewed by Hui>


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